As someone who previously considered anywhere outside of Central London as the suburbs, and outside the M25 as ‘countryside’, my move to the Midlands was not without long consideration upon my part.

There were the practical considerations I wanted to have in place for any new location (good transport links via train and road to the rest of the UK, as well as an International Airport), social aspects (restaurants/bars and also galleries/theatres for my arty-farty interests) as well as a variety of good quality city and country hotels for play sessions. The logical answer was Birmingham.

However, I had a strong emotional attachment to not just London as a place but as an identity: I was a Londoner. I wondered how I would be able to relinquish that part of myself; was I really so attached to a place, an identity built upon it that I could not relocate and move forward to explore living elsewhere?

It turned out that you can take the girl out of London but you can’t take the London out of the girl-even after months of living here, I am bemused when strangers try and talk to me in public spaces, but grateful that they are so friendly and helpful as I navigate my way around living in a new city with all that entails. And I seem socially conditioned to stand on the right of an escalator with even conscious attempts to stand still on the left remaining beyond me thus far.

Yet after a few months of living in Birmingham, I already begin to feel as though it is my home. I am making new circles of friends, both kinky and vanilla and look forward to meeting new gents for sessions in the next coming week.


I still travel regularly to London to see people for extended appointments and will occasionally be available on Tuesdays in Central London for shorter introductory sessions of 1-2 hours available by booking in advance. Notice of these sessions will be announced on my website and also Twitter.