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They say that having a pet is good for your health and, after this afternoon, I can certainly agree. Earlier today, I was flagging from a very early start, travelling to two meetings (non D/s alas!), one of which was in proper Nosebleed North London.

So, by the time I headed back to civilisation, my main thoughts were on a. having a pee b. having a cup of tea and c. having a nap. And specifically in that order too.

After watching Channel 4’s The Secret Life of Human Pups the other night, I had a ‘But I want a puppy!!!!’ moment that I have never before had, since I consider owning an actual canine to be the equivalent of being a glorified poo slave. But then, we can’t all be dog people can we? Not unless that dog is a human dog- for me at least. And so as you put it out there into the ether, so the Universe replies benevolently ‘Yes, Miss Fitzgerald, you shall have your wish!’. And I didn’t even have to ask for a pony first either.

Pet Roll Over

Lovely submissive pose, having rolled over on his back as I stand over him.

The other benefit of a human puppy is that I’m pretty sure the RSPCA would have some strong views about the training techniques I used on him so it’s a good job my pup could consent and had sent across his limits to me via email. I guess this is why non-human canines get the snip, much safer than letting their Mistress or Master having access to such soft sensitive parts just for the amusement of hearing their yelping and whining.

I should like to point out that I really had to do that since for all other intents and purposes, he was being such a well-behaved doggy, obeying his commands on cue and learning to lay down and sit up quite elegantly, practically to Crufts level, that I had to insert a little bit more deviance into our play.

Pet Nipple Clamps

Why bother using the leash to teach how to sit up nicely when you have nipple clamps?

In the background I played Lou Doillon- a fairly new discovery for me music-wise although I really enjoyed watching her in Gigola many years ago, her role inspiring a gender-bending role-play with me as Pimp and him as my little whore. What fun! So, it bode well for play today and Mademoiselle Doillon did not disappoint.

I hummed along to the music as I teasingly tied him into a chest harness, letting the hemp rope move achingly slowly around and across his body. In my opinion the harness is far better than the leash, much more control over the body and it physically lets pup know who is in charge. Especially when it’s all connected up to his sensitive parts as well.

Pet Harness CBT

Harness from back, wrapped around and tied to cock and balls. One gentle (or not!) tug along the spine line and you can have him sitting up and begging harder than Oliver Twist.

It’s a shame that one of his limits is anal play as a nice little butt plug with a tail would have been superb to see him wag, so in the end, I just had to get him to raise him bum so I could peg his balls to get him to wiggle those as frantically as he could instead. I challenge any furry mutt to be as amusing as that!

Of course, lots of belly rubs, ear scratching and ‘good boy’s were plentiful too.

So, now I am refreshed and rejuvenated from our play today. I hope he is too. Although, I suspect he is now relaxing after getting over-excited and eating his own cum. Puppies really will eat anything won’t they?

The only question remains… what to name him? Suggestions on a postcard, or in the comments below.