I’m sat in front of the open window for the second day in a row at my desk in vest and knickers, the cool breeze tickling my flesh through gauzy material and the silk crisp against my skin.*

I should point out that they are not the same pair of knickers and silk vest as yesterday, in between working at a feverish pace to catch up on lots of admin that I have fallen back on, I have managed to have shower and slip on some fresh ones.

My apologies for the absence on social media, both here and on Twitter, life became unexpectedly busy with other things and the first thing take a hit was social media, it being the bright glacé cherry on the icing of the actual cake of life, not life itself although it’s sometimes easy to forget that.

The second aspect of my website being down was that, in the midst of putting up a holding page to work on my website, one of my closest friends suddenly and devastatingly died at a rather young age (barely thirty), I have been marshalling my resources to grieve, spend time with friends, her family and generally be gentle with myself. I now been able to re-gather my thoughts, considering the changes I want to make and how I want to make them and how to communicate it on my website.

If nothing else, it has given me a swift reminder that life is for living, however we chose to live it.

For those of you who are no good at needle-in-a-haystack style games, I’ll spell it out the changes for you:

  1. I no longer require a public meeting before we play.

After doing this for some years now, I am in a position where my radar is pretty good and I am happy to trust my instincts about the sincerity and genuineness about a person before we meet.

I quite liked relaxing indoors drinking a cup of tea, waiting for my gent to turn up, quite decadent really.

  1. Deposits are only required for extended meetings. However, if two people are enquiring for the same time slot, guess which person I will choose? If you offer one to me, I will take it as a show of your genuine sincerity that you are serious in meeting with me and value my time. When people do that for me, well, they get treated favourably with sprinkles on top.
  2. New pictures are coming soon as well.

Phew, time to take the knickers off now…


*Disclaimer: this was written two days ago but I got distracted by the sun and heat. I have been able to sit and finish both the website and the writing of this blog post today as a new houseboy has been busy getting on with my ironing- storming through it in fact (I am rather impressed!)- and in turn I have been able to focus on writing.